Getting married is such a joyful, personal thing, talking about money can be a bit awkward. But discussing costs is one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding. Very few people have a limitless budget, so decisions need to be made, funds allocated, and fees considered.

In my experience, many people don’t understand why wedding supplies and suppliers cost what they do. There’s an automatic assumption, fuelled by the media, that we’re all trying to rip you off! This couldn’t be further from the truth, which is why I think it’s so important to demystify the money side of things and be as transparent as possible.

In this post, I’ll be chatting about how I work, what I charge and why. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether hiring a Wedding Stylist is something you want to make room for in your budget.

wooden table at wedding styled by Knots & Kisses with dark plates and eucalyptus

Before We Dive In…

All Wedding Stylists work differently, so please don’t assume my working process is the same as others. Business models vary and there’s no right or wrong way to do things (unless they really are trying to rip you off!) Every business model is valid and will have been built that way for valid reasons. Maybe they’re a sole trader. Maybe they have different overheads like childcare or the cost of renting a workspace. They might quote differently because of how their accounting software works. You get the idea! This is just my process and how I charge.

Why Do I Charge for a Consultation?

My consultation fee covers a lot more than just a quick chat. Obviously, I’m also super happy to have a conversation over the phone before you commit to paying any money. In fact, I actively encourage it! I can describe the design process, chat about your wedding style and explain how I can help.

A full consultation is much more detailed and in-depth, so I charge £250-£350. This includes a 1-2 hour consultation, in person or via Zoom. We’ll use this time to really dig into what you need and want for your wedding. We’ll chat about colours, fabrics and finishes. We’ll discuss how you’ll be dining at your wedding, whether you want to change things up for the evening and different ways to maximise the space. Basically, we’ll cover a lot of ground, and I’ll share masses of expertise and professional insight along the way.

The cost of your consultation also includes the creation of a full styling plan. As well as designing this, I’ll source all the hire items and put together a detailed quote for everything including flowers. This takes quite a bit of time and I do have to charge for this. My Real Wedding posts are a great way to see how styling plans eventually become reality.

How I Quote

When you receive a quote from me, I like to really break things down, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. My fees and the cost of additional hire items, props or furniture are all listed separately so you can see what everything costs and make informed decisions about where your money is going.

bride and groom making wedding speeches against rattan peacock chairs
wedding table styled by knots and kisses with crystal glassware terracotta knotted napkins

What Does My Fee Include?

Once we’ve completed the consultation and design process, my fee (which for 2024 is £1350) includes finalising and managing all your hire items. This can range from furniture to linen, cutlery and crockery, all the way to backdrops and lighting.

I coordinate everything on your behalf, arrange all the deliveries with all the different suppliers, and liaise with your venue and caterers so you don’t have to. Of course, my fee also includes the time spent setting up on the day of your wedding and then taking everything down again, either at the end of the night or the following morning.

At first glance, my fee might seem like a lot, but if you break it down into an hourly rate, you’ll see I’m not exactly raking it in compared to a ‘normal job’! The same goes for most wedding suppliers.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

There can be. If I need to travel more than an hour from my home address, travel expenses will be added to my fee. If your wedding involves a large set-up, I may need to charge for additional styling time and/or extra assistants. Any additional costs will be discussed and agreed in advance, and they’ll always be clearly itemised on your quote.

Hiring a Wedding Stylist Could SAVE You Money

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur’? In my experience, this definitely rings true.

I’ve heard from numerous couples who’ve got halfway through their planning before deciding to book my On The Day Styling and Set-Up service. Once we start working together, they quickly realise how much time and money they’ve wasted trying to source hire items, booking the wrong things, and trusting companies who’ve eventually let them down. The worst is when they’ve made a simple mistake I could have helped them avoid, like overordering stationery because they failed to realise they didn’t need to send one invitation per person. Ultimately, I have a lot of respect for your budget. I want to help you maximise your investment and create the best possible end result.

Two brides getting married in front of wooden a-frame ceremony backdrop decorated with pampas grass and fresh flowers.
Three tiered wedding cake decorated with roses and dahlias

Find Out More

You can learn more about working with a Wedding Stylist via the following links:

And if you decide you need some expert help, explore my wedding design and styling services here or get in touch to discuss your celebration.

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