Some of the most common questions I’m asked are when to order wedding stationery, how long will the whole process take, and what’s involved?

Before we dive into this subject in more detail, we need to establish when you should be mailing things like save the dates and formal wedding invitations. This is the date you need to count backwards from, rather than the date of your wedding. Don’t forget to give yourself time to address envelopes and affix stamps too!

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When to Send Save the Dates & Wedding Invitations

Save the date cards are used to announce the date of your wedding and let guests know they’re invited. They’re then able to pop the date in their diary and make plans around it. Traditionally, save the date cards are sent roughly 9-12 months before the wedding, giving guests plenty of notice to book time off work, research accommodation, arrange childcare, and save money.

For destination weddings, it’s a good idea to send save the date cards at least 12-18 months in advance. There’s a lot more for guests to organise if you’re marrying abroad. As well as booking flights and accommodation, they may need to renew their passport.

Wedding invitations should contain everything your guests need to know about your day (learn more about what to include here). I recommend sending them 3-4 months before your wedding – earlier if it’s taking place overseas, during the summer holidays, or at Christmas.

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House Collections

I have several designs available to order directly from my website. The House Collections have the shortest turnaround time of 6-8 weeks. This includes the proofing process, printing by my professional printing partners, and hand-finishing by me in my studio.

Turnaround times are always an estimate. They’re dependent on how quickly you approve proofs and how many changes you decide to make throughout the process. With this in mind, I’d always advise getting in touch at least two months prior to the date you wish to receive your invitations.

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Bespoke Designs

As well as the House Collections, I also offer a range of Bespoke Design Services where I work with you to create a design that’s truly unique. We can incorporate a sketch of your venue, specific flowers or foliage, and even develop a completely new way of presenting your invitations. The key thing is that your stationery suite will be completely personal to you.

So, how do my Bespoke Design Services unfold? First, we’ll schedule a quick call to discuss the design process and ensure I’m the right stationer for you. Once you’re ready to book, all you need to do is pop over to my website and purchase one of my bespoke design fees.

  • £200 for invitations and save the dates
  • £300 to also include reception stationery designs

(These fees exclude full hand-painted venue concertinas which are priced based on the level of hand-painting required.)

We’ll then arrange a more thorough consultation to chat about your wedding and the style of stationery you’d like. Based on everything we’ve discussed, I’ll create a bespoke proposal that includes a detailed price list.

This whole process plus painting, printing, and hand-finishing usually takes about 6-10 weeks, but as the stationery is bespoke, this can vary. I’d advise getting in touch at least three months before you need your invitations.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about when to order wedding stationery, or any of the other services I provide, please get in touch.

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