I’m asked by a lot of couples these days .. many of whom are on a tight budget … where they could make savings with their reception stationery and what is essential.
So here are my tips for what to include on your stationery order…

1.Order of Service

I think these days Order of Service and whether you need them can be very dependent on your point of view and what type of wedding you are having.
A church wedding is almost certainly going to require some form of order of service. This can range from a brief layout of the service with pages to refer to in Hymn and Prayer books, to a full order of service where the hymns and prayers and any wording the congregation needs to say detailed.
If you aren’t having a Church or Religious ceremony, it may be an option to dispense with an Order of Service, or alternatively have a very simple ‘Order of Day’ card which gives your guests an idea of what they can expect throughout the day.

2. Menus

I have plenty of Brides who like to have one menu per person at their wedding .. using the menu as part of a place setting for each guest. However if you are on a budget perhaps it’s worth considering just one menu per table. Alternatively have a menu poster or board framed at the entrance to your reception, or incorporated into the table plan, for your guests to look at as they come in.

3. Placecards

I have to say I think this is the one thing you can’t dispense with for most weddings. Although I have been to a few weddings where the couple have wanted all their guests to mingle and therefore no-one has been given a specific place to sit, most Brides & Grooms will want to make sure certain people are sat on certain tables and placecards are a must.

4. Table Plan

As above, if you do want your guests to sit in a specific place, a table plan is a must.

I offer several options to couples, from fully mounted and even framed table plans, to a rolled poster which they can display as they wish, and even just the artwork … to really suit any budget.
Often a flat printed table plan will be cheaper than one which is heavily embellished to match your stationery .. although check beforehand as this may not always be the case as printing costs are high compared to the cost of layered card.