Firstly massive apologies for the lack of blog posts this week! Its been one of those weeks here at Knots & Kisses! I’ve been running around like a loon getting clients orders made and sent, posting large quantities of greetings card stock out to new retailers … exciting! … and meeting up with some lovely new bespoke clients over tea and biscuits. So I’m afraid the blog was the first thing to take a back seat … slapped wrist for me!

Anyway I wanted to end the week on a high note and share with you something I’m becoming slightly obsessed with at the moment and that’s sequins in weddings!
Which is odd as I’ve really never been much of a sequin or sparkle kind of girl! I went through a bit of a faze at Uni when I bought a gorgeous backless gold sequin top which, to be honest, I didn’t wear much but it looked beautiful hanging up on my wardrobe door!
Since then though I’ve been much more pretty floral prints and wooly jumpers.

But there is so much gorgeous sequin pretty around for weddings at them moment I just can’t help but get a little obsessed.
Hence the smattering of sequins to style my new Ombre collection …

Well this week I’ve found lots of gorgeous sequin encrusted wedding inspiration through my trawlings of the internet which I wanted to share with you .. not least this absolutely stunning dress! …

And finally the exciting collaboration between and where you can hire out their sequin collection to be styled beautifully at your wedding!