I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week … as usual for the beginning of the year mine has been incredibly busy!
On a serious note this is definitely something you should keep in mind when contacting or trying to book wedding stationers. Most people I speak to assume I’m going to be busy in the summer when most of the weddings take place and, its true, I can be quite busy over the summer with peoples reception stationery orders. However, the really busy time for me .. .and I’m sure most other stationers .. is January and February. Its when most people start thinking about ordering their stationery for weddings that summer and of course there are lots of newly engaged couples from the Christmas & New Year Celebrations 🙂

On a lighter note I’ve found some fabulous wedding ideas on the Internet and www.pinterest.com this week and just had to share.
This week I’ve been drawn to inventive and cost effective ways to decorate your venue or cake table to make it that little bit more special and fun …. I especially love the dessert table below with the toffee apples! …