Today I’m delighted to welcome a Guest Blogger from across the pond to give you fabulous tips on how to plan a stylish wedding! Susanna Miles is a wedding planner from Canada and also writes the fabulous K.I.S.S. Wedding Blog on how to plan your wedding by Keeping It Simple.

Today she’s giving us her Top 5 Tips to keeping your wedding planning simple without losing out on style. Over to Susanna …..

Top 5 Tips for Keeping it Simple Without Losing Out On Style

Worried that your budget will blow your fancy plans out of the window? It doesn’t have to be that way. Many brides believe that creating a fabulous wedding on a budget is on a par with trying to get their fiancé to understand the difference between a white dress and a cream one. But with these handy tips at your fingertips, you can make the most of your big day without spending an arm and a leg – and that’s one thing your hubby-to-be will appreciate!

Tip 1: Pick a Great Venue

If you choose the right venue, half the hard work is done already. A great venue, like a prettily landscaped garden, provides you with a good backdrop for the celebrations, and you end up spending much less on decorations. Garden and beach wedding themes are especially good for simple décor because the naturally gorgeous or ‘rustic’ look automatically precludes anything too elaborate or over-the-top. Think sweet and simple decor, then let Mother Nature do the rest – easy!

Tip 2: Set Your Priorities

Focus your time and money on the three things that are most important to you, and be willing to compromise on the rest. Your dress, for example, might be a priority for you, whereas you won’t mind opting for cheaper flower arrangements or a simpler menu. Deciding early on which things need more money and attention means you don’t waste time stressing over less important details and can concentrate more on what really matters – are you going to go for cheap wedding rings so that you can get the dress of your dreams? OR will you simplify your wedding décor to get the rings of your dreams? Know where to spend and where to splurge. Remember, it’s a balancing act!

Tip 3: Pick DIY Projects Carefully

It’s tempting to try and make everything at home to save on precious ££, but some things are definitely easier than others to pull off. Wedding cakes are an example – unless you’re a dab hand at baking and icing, chances are you’ll end up with something that looks tacky or untidy. And floral arrangements – unless you keep them really simple, are hard to master. You’re better off working with candles or other simple products to get stunning, but cheap wedding decorations.

Tip 4: Limit Your Guests

If your heart is set on fancy favors, a four course meal and a wedding that oozes style and class, consider seriously limiting the number of guests you invite. You can always get more style if you cater for less people rather than more.

Tip 5: Be Colour Conscious

Choosing your wedding colour scheme for the big day is an important decision. But whatever combination you opt for, look for something that works well with basic white. That’s because it’s almost always cheaper to rent white tents, tablecloths, chair covers and so on.

Feeling inspired? These tips are just the beginning. There are lots of smart ways to save money when you’re planning a wedding. Find out more at