Hello all! Start to a new week and, as I mentioned in Friday’s post, I’ve been looking this week into my top trends for Weddings and Stationery for 2012.
Now there’s been a lot of talk on various blogs recently about ‘the vintage trend’ being dead! I personally don’t believe most of this … 1) Because ‘Vintage’ was never a trend in the first place … those of us that love vintage clothes, accessories, furniture have always done so and its more of a lifestyle than a fad … and 2) Because I don’t think Vintage looks will go away they will just evolve. Whatever the creative industry designers and consumers alike have always been influenced by the past. I don’t think this will ever go away. Just as a some Brides are influenced by more classic wedding a la Grace Kelly, others will always go for a more fifties rock n roll style which is currently more in vogue.
A few years ago the very pastel shades of vintage were spot on trend with every bit of wood we could get our hands on being whitewashed and painted … now ‘vintage’ trends are evolving to incorporate darker woods and colours and this is influencing the Wedding Industry as well.

I’ve been designing lots of new stationery for next years ranges recently and have defined three definite looks for next year … of course there are lots more .. and you may not agree but here goes!

‘Elegant Monochrome’

The first look is what I based my new sketch collection around , especially the mushroom coloured Butterfly range. The key to this look is classic simplicity and muted colours of grey, blacks, silvers and browns mixed with strong typography and a graphic look.
Ornamentation is to a minimum but with influences taken from nature, the look is softened by using wood and metals. I’m imagining these cloches filled with gorgeous cheeses or cakes on your buffet tables and platters of food on these gorgeous Moroccan trays.

My second look for 2012 is based around fairytales … but this isn’t some Disney Princess in her castle! This is darker and influenced by the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. Much more of a gothic woodland feel. Its what influenced my new Storybook range and its where I see pretty florals going next for weddings. You can reintroduce the use of gilt and gold here without it looking dated and keep the fashion not overly pretty by using high Victorian collars and old lace.
I’m thinking tables overflowing with gorgeous glassware, fruit and flowers! Just leave the ‘Katie Price’ pumpkin coach at home!
 ‘Russian Doll’
My third and final trend for next year is based around a Russian Folk theme. I honestly think we are going to see colours getting brighter and more vibrant at weddings again and the Russian doll is certainly that.
One of the new ranges I will be launching in the new year is based around Russian Dolls and Travelling Fairs.
I’ve always loved Russian Dolls (I have two in my kitchen!) and the gypsy feel of them.
I think this look could be really easily incorporated into a wedding style with lots of heavily embroidered fabrics and table runners, colourful vases and perhaps even a fairground caravan for your guests to relax in!
Below are some of the ideas I’ve had plus an exclusive look at the new Russian Doll wedding stationery I am designing which will probably launch in January. If you are interested in ordering it before then though just let me know and contact me through the website http://knotsandkisses-co-uk.stackstaging.com/beta or email me at info@knotsandkisses.co.uk

These are my main influences for next year, but what I’d like to reiterate is its your wedding .. go with the style you love! I am pretty sure fifties rockabilly, classic Hollywood glamour weddings and gorgeous country garden floral weddings are going to be with us for some time to come as well … as long as that’s your style and you are happy with it!
Nikki x