wedding planning surprises

A bit of a personal ramble before I head off for the weekend this week …

I am so far absolutely loving planning our wedding! Both myself and my other half are creative types so are having fun coming up with ideas for the wedding and looking for fun and quirky things we can incorporate into the day that are very ‘us’. To be honest we are getting along with it so well that at this rate we’ll probably have it all organised in a couple of months and we’re not getting married till 2017! My only problem with the whole process so far is how much to tell people!? As a person I naturally love giving people surprises. I love the look on someone’s face when they open a gift. I absolutely hate not being there when someone opens a present from me. I love planning parties and get togethers and having something fun happen on the day that people aren’t expecting. I bloody loved planning my Mum’s surprise 60th with my Sister and seeing her face when she walked into a room filled with a 100 people who were there to celebrate her big day.

And that’s sort of how I feel about our wedding – as well as the most important thing, which is marrying Ant … I want to give people a lovely day. I want there to be surprises. I don’t want everyone to know this far in advance when we are getting married, where we are getting married and what will be happening on the day. I want them to open their Save the Date card and find out the date because they won’t already know. I want them to find out the venue when they open their invitation.

The only thing is I’m worrying that this just isn’t going to happen. One because I will cave under the pressure of people asking me things! And Two because I’m now, having worked in the wedding industry for 6 years, totally immersed in the world of Social Media – which is essentially a world of sharing every little detail of your business and life. How on earth am I going to keep the wedding a surprise for my friends and family and still write blog posts about my journey for Social Media ?? Will little things leak out because my friends follow some of the wedding industry people I may end up booking on Facebook ? It’s a bit of a minefield and probably one I am worrying about unnecessarily. I’m pretty much the worlds worst worrier anyway! I don’t want to make the whole wedding planning journey miserable for myself because I’m desperately trying to keep things under wraps.

So I think my decision is this … if people find out details inadvertently through Social Media or me not being able to keep my mouth shut then so be it … I’m not going to let it worry me because as long as they have a fantastic day and we end up married that is really all that matters! I can do that right ?!?

Have a fun weekend

Nikki x