So yesterday I had my first attack of wedding nerves. I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last … I’m a fairly nervy and worrying sort of person by nature. The reason for the flip of the stomach and the butterflies ? I sent our wedding invitations to print! You’d think, being a wedding stationer, this would be the easiest and smoothest part of the whole wedding planning process … but apparently not! In actuality I’ve been quite stressed out by the pressure of designing my own invitations. I feel even more pressure to get them spot on … to make them really reflect me and Anthony as people and also, because of what I do, to make them something which will have the dreaded ‘wow factor’ when our guests open them. I hate that phrase ‘wow factor’ by the way … but you know what I mean.

So when I pressed send on the email to my printers my stomach did a little flip and I felt kind of nauseous. My mind has since been racing with visions of me getting them back from the printers and realising I’ve made 101 spelling mistakes or that I’ve put completely the wrong date for some unknown reason. I proof read them several times over and got Ant to do the same so I’m pretty sure this is not going to happen … but my worrying nature takes over in these instances and I become completely irrational.

I desperately don’t want to be like this for anything else to do with the wedding so I think I may have to find some ways of calming myself down slightly … perhaps I’ll take up yoga!

On the plus side – many of the decisions which cause angst to many couples and brides whilst wedding planning have seemed to pass us by. My whole outfit is sorted .. picking a dress was easy peasy. I found one I loved online, bought it, loved it and am having some small alterations to make it perfect. Job done. The venue decision was also relatively easy, and deciding on a guest list, because we are paying for it all ourselves took minutes as we aren’t having to invite long lost relatives or friends of our parents that we don’t know and don’t really want to be there!

Ooh and super excitingly we’ve booked our honeymoon! We actually weren’t going to bother as we have so much money to spend on our house renovations … but as we realised more and more how much hard work the next few months was going to be we decided we really needed a break after the wedding! So we’re off to Bali … I cannot wait! ( Almost looking forward to that more than the wedding now! … only kidding! )

Catch up with more of our wedding plans soon .. hopefully this is my first and last attack of wedding nerves!

Nikki x


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