I love weddings that have a bit of a vintage twist and I also love weddings that really come together with a strong theme and look throughout the day. One of the great ways of doing this is hiring in items which create a look for you. Vintage hire items are available from lots of different prop hire companies around the country, but one of my favourites down here in the South West is Virginia’s Vintage Hire. http://virginiasvintagehire.co.uk/

If you’re looking at decorating a fairly plain venue then hiring in items can be a great solution. Whether that be tables or chairs to seat your guests in a marquee or tipi, or smaller items as decor in a hotel or indoor venue – adding those few extra bits and pieces can really bring your theme together and saves you a huge amount of money in not having to buy or make lots of stuff for your wedding which you will inevitably not need and will be cluttering up your house after the wedding celebrations have finished.

At Virginia’s Vintage hire they have a huge array of things for you to hire from furniture through to smaller decorative items. Some of my favourite are the rustic items of furniture which are perfect for creating your seating, a fantastic chill out area or just a table for putting your cake or desserts.

Admiral-Chair-wide1 vintage hire Ludlow-Chairs-wide1 virginias vintage hire Pantry-Table-crop-2 Tam-Trestle-1-crop

There are also some fantastic items like chalkboards which could be used for signage and table plans and large decorative items such as shutters which would make fantastic backdrops to both your ceremony or a photo booth.

Carter-Shutter-Blackboard-c French-Shutter-1-copy

And there are lots of lots of really cool smaller decorative items and boxes and crates which would be grate for displaying drinks, order of service programs … all manner of things … and I’ll definitely be delving in to these and hiring some of for my own wedding next year!

Cider-Crates-1-crop1 Cottage-3-crop Revival-Signs-1-copy

Hope that gives you some fantastic inspiration for your own big day and if Virginias Vintage Hire isn’t near you then there are lots of other prop hire companies across the country.

Nikki x