Over the last few years, dried flowers and foliage have come back into fashion in a big way. Things like pampas grass and dried bunny tails have become a familiar sight at weddings and in people’s homes. If you happened to watch any of my Tuesday Tablescape series on Instagram, you’ll know I often use them in my own work.

The trend isn’t going anywhere, so here are some top tips for using dried flowers and pampas grass at your wedding…

Make it You

Don’t feel tied to a particular look. Although dried flowers and pampas grass are commonly used to create a boho feel, they can be incorporated into many different styles. Stay true to your personal taste and don’t be afraid to mix things up.

linen wedding ceremony backdrop with dried flowers pampas grass peacock chairs

Go Big!

Modern dried flowers aren’t arranged in tiny bunches or small vases. Instead, they’re used for big statement pieces with masses of visual impact. Be bold in your choices and use dried flowers and pampas grass to create key focal points in your overall design.

Mix and Match

Dried flowers can be used alone or subtly incorporated alongside other decor. For example, pampas grass looks amazing mixed with fresh flowers and foliage and dried palm spears add an interesting, architectural feel to tropical arrangements. In other words, you don’t have to choose between fresh and dried flowers – use both! 

pink and orange pampas grass dried wedding flowers

Keep an Eye on Your Budget

Be wary of assuming dried flowers represent a cheaper way to decorate your wedding. This isn’t always the case. The popularity of some dried flowers and grasses has pushed prices up, especially pampas grass which can be hard to get hold of at certain times of year. The best thing to do is set a budget and discuss your options with your florist. They should be able to tell you how to achieve the kind of look you want with the funds you have.

pink and orange boho wedding stationery on rattan tray with dried flowers

A Word on Sustainability

Dried flowers last much longer than fresh. They also use less energy and water as they don’t need to be refrigerated or stored in water to survive. However, some dried flowers and grasses, particularly those that appear bleached or brightly coloured, are produced using harsh chemicals. If this concerns you, I recommend chatting to your florist about sourcing naturally dried, eco-friendly alternatives.

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