Many planning websites have different guidelines on when and how to order your wedding stationery. Here’s just a few tips from us .. your friendly wedding stationery supplier … to help you along!

1. Start thinking about the design and theme of your invitations and reception stationery as soon as possible.
Apart from booking the venue its one of the first things you will have to do.
You can always ring us for a consultation … we can help clarify your ideas even if you don’t want to order for a few months.

2. Make sure you order your stationery well in advance if you can. Ideally you need to send out your stationery 3 months prior to the wedding … longer for overseas weddings. So start the consultation and booking process at least 2 months prior to that so we have time to hand make your stationery.

3. Many people make the mistake of ordering one invitation per person. Remember families and couples only need one invitation!

4. Orders of Service can also often be shared between 2 people if you are looking to save money.

5. Remember to order a couple of extra blank invitations, even if you are ordering stationery with pre-printed guest names, just in case any of your original guest list can’t come and you want to send an invitation to someone else.

6.And last thing … may handmade stationery companies can only take so many orders every month to ensure the highest quality stationery. If you have a particular range of stationery or supplier in mind book early!