Today I’m posting another discussion topic … the last one went down really well and provoked quite a lot of debate so I thought I’d try another. Hopefully these discussion points will help Brides, and others in the wedding industry, with areas that they feel stumped with.

So … Budgets for your wedding! Its a thorny subject.
Since working in the Wedding Industry it amazes me how little this is really talked about. Brides especially never seem to want to let on what they ACTUALLY spend just in case they come across as too cheapskate or, especially in these financial times, as too extravagant.
Yes, there are the ‘helpful’ little guides at the back of Wedding Magazines which breakdown your wedding budget for you, and yes, Blogs & brides will often be heard saying “Oh we managed to do everything on such a small budget” … but what does this actually mean!?

“Small” for one couple could quite easily mean just a couple of £1000 under the national average of around £20,000, whereas for another couple it could mean well under the £5000 mark.
My sister’s ‘traditional’ church  & hotel wedding for example cost about £8000, and that was with me doing all the stationery and reception decor at cost, and the venue being half price because my Mum works there!

And as for the handy little guides at the back of Wedding Magazines … I think its fantastic that someone is trying to give brides a little advice on the average spend and breakdown for a wedding, but looking at these costings most of these prices seem a) a little outdated and b) based on a very ‘old style’ traditional wedding .. which a lot of people just aren’t looking for anymore.

I’m personally of the view that you should base your budget on how much you can realistically afford to spend … no day is worth starting your married life in unaffordable debt! … and then breaking it down into what really matters to you as a couple.
If you love music, but really don’t see the point of paying for 3 bridesmaids, and their dresses & matching flowers, then don’t … spend the extra money on an amazing band to entertain your guests!

Anyway I’ve waffled on for too long! What do you think? Would love to hear your comments below ….

Nikki x