Timeless means ‘not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion’. It’s a word that’s often used in the wedding industry. Clever marketing tells us planning a timeless, classic wedding is something we should aspire to. I think many couples feel pressured to achieve this when really there’s no such thing!

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groom in black tie tuxedo

The Pressure to Plan a Timeless Wedding

When we talk about timeless weddings, the implication is we should steer clear of trends. After all, following trends is about being ‘up to the minute’ – the antithesis of timelessness!

But trends are hard to avoid. As Miranda Priestley explains to Andy in Devil Wears Prada, even people with zero interest in fashion cannot help buying into trends when they buy clothes. The same is true for accessories, makeup, home décor and weddings. What’s available to us at any given time is always shaped by what’s in fashion.

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boho luxe styled wedding shoot tablescape with fried grasses and black candlesticks

Timelessness as a Trend

I would argue even our idea of what is and isn’t ‘timeless’ is trend-led. For example, what we now consider ‘classic’ is heavily influenced by the weddings of the 1950s. Think Grace Kelly, lace sleeves, and a sleek up-do. But in the 70s, classic usually meant Victorian or Edwardian inspired. For all we know, in another 30 years, couples could be referencing 90s weddings to achieve the same thing!

So, while fashion may be cyclical {meaning familiar styles from the past often come back around}, there’s no such thing as a timeless look. In other words, no matter what you do, if you get married in 2022, one day it’s going to look like you did.

To be clear, this is no bad thing. In fact, I think it’s one of the reasons weddings are so special. They’re of their time. Eventually, you won’t care which decade your wedding photographs evoke, you’ll just be glad they transport you back to the moment your marriage began.      

bride posing in peacock chair boho luxe wedding styled shoot
boho luxe ruffled wedding cake tiered wedding cake

Embrace What You Love

Once you accept every wedding photo will ‘date’ in some way, it becomes easier to embrace what you love about what’s in style right now. Plus, you can always combine current trends with more classic pieces to create something unique. For the Black Tie Boho shoot featured throughout this post, I combined trend-led details such as dried flowers and the sheer, voluminous sleeves of the Georgia Bridal gown with sleek styling and a black tux. It may not be ‘timeless’, but the result is an eternally stylish look with a boho feel.   

You can read more about why you shouldn’t be afraid of embracing wedding trends here.

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