I want to introduce to you something a little bit different today on the spotlight … rather than featuring accessories, dresses etc I thought I’d show you something more practical for your wedding … the wedding list service from website http://www.zankyou.com/uk . Its also a great way of getting your groom more involved in the wedding … as they tell us below …

Are you a bride struggling to get the groom interested in the wedding plans? Beyond booking the stag night and hiring the transport, many husbands-to-be opt out of wedding planning to allow their brides the time to shine.

But a growing phenomenon in gift list planning is allowing the boys to wrestle back control and get excited about the big day.
The team at online gift list provider www.zankyou.com have noticed a shift in roles among the bride and grooms when it comes to who looks after the wedding gift registry.

While Internet gift lists are a growing trend – a real time-saver and a means to keep friends and family around the world abreast of wedding plans – they are also bringing couples closer together, getting men more involved in the wedding planning.
Often it is the groom that sets up the www.zankyou.com page and manages the addition of items, plus the running of the guestbook. In fact, almost 50% of all www.zankyou.com pages activated in 2011 so far are run by men.
Grooms can set up a photo album, manage RSVPs and even add widgets, such as a Sky Sports Football News feed, to their page to encourage friends to visit more often.

And the ability to add gadgets, holiday experiences and quirky household items to online gift lists such as www.zankyou.com has led to many men wrestling the mouse off their beloved brides-to-be and taking control of the orders.

By contrast, women are more involved in co-ordinating high street store gift lists, and often enlist the mother of the bride or the chief bridesmaid in that part of the planning.
Belinda and Phil made their www.zankyou.com list a real joint project.

“Phil really liked the fact we could tailor-make it to our requirements and express our personality though it,” said Belinda.

“This appealed to him far more than traipsing round a department store zapping dinnerware and cushions. Like most men, he gets bored of this sort of activity after five minutes.”
The couple found the gift list easy to manage and flexible to run.

“In terms of what we were looking for in an online wedding gift list, Zankyou ticked every box,” said Belinda.

“Other sites require your guests to pay commission when giving you a gift, which is something we really didn’t want, as we feel we should bare the expense.

“In addition, we consider the level of commission charged by Zankyou to be very competitive.”

Couples can do more with a www.zankyou.com website, asking for financial contributions towards any sort of gift. You can also manage charitable donations, and all cash gifts go straight into a nominated bank account, negating the risk of cheques lost in the post.

“We loved the flexibility offered by Zankyou,” said Belinda

“We asked our guests for contributions towards our honeymoon and we were able to build our trip piece by piece, listing things like a meal out or a night’s accommodation as something a guest could buy us, rather than making a faceless donation into one big pot.”


www.Zankyou.com allows couples to register for honeymoon activities, a dream project or charitable donation, as well as household goods – and receive the full cash equivalent in their bank account. While other online cash wedding registries charge up to 7.5% for their service, Zankyou’s rate is just 2.85% per transaction, no matter what the amount contributed. And, couples can defer this rate to their guests, making it absolutely free of charge for the bride and groom to use.