Over the next few days I’m going to be showcasing in more detail the new Luxe Collections which I launched on the website on Monday. Today it’s the Stormy Skies range.

Stormy Skies came about when I was asked on a wedding industry forum what I would design in an ideal world based on the trends and styles I would really love to see more of in the wedding world. My immediate thoughts were of something darker and moodier than the usual neutrals and pastels. I love dark colours in my own life,painting interior walls in navys and dark greys, and I wanted to create a collection which incorporated these dark colours but with a softness that was suitable for a wedding scheme. The term Stormy Skies came to me before the actual design and I wanted to create the feel of those amazing inky dark skies you get before a storm with beautiful soft greys and inky blues.

To do this I created a subtle textured effect background in a inky blue and layered this with soft grey hand painted ribbon from the wonderful Kate Cullen.

As with all of the new luxe ranges the Stormy Skies range is printed to really beautifully thick 700gsm duplexed card and comes with gorgeous matching grey envelopes with the option of monogrammed envelope liners.

A full range of matching reception stationery is also available, as with all of my ranges, and is now available to purchase via the website http://knotsandkisses-co-uk.stackstaging.com/beta/shop/stormy-skies/personalised-invitations-stationery-stormy-skies/ . You can also order a sample pack from the website so you can judge the quality for yourself before ordering and check out the gorgeous hand painted ribbons which Kate has produced for me to use on this range of stationery.

I’m really looking forward to creating some luxe Stormy Skies invitations for couple’s weddings very soon!

Nikki x