I’ve been interested for a while now in the trend for engagement photography sessions. I’ve seen some stunners whilst online and on twitter … the couple always look so lovely and relaxed and this makes for beautiful photos! But why bother when you’ll have some equally gorgeous photos hopefully of your wedding day?

I spoke to several friends to gauge their opinion and although some of them loved the idea, the majority were bemused by why you would need one and was it really worth the extra expense?

So I’ve decided to do a two part special on the blog featuring some gorgeous engagement shoots from some of my favourite wedding photographers and their viewpoints on why you should have an engagement shoot for your wedding. I’m showcasing two photographers work and comments today and two tomorrow .. so remember to pop back tomorrow for lots more!

First up is the lovely Jenny & Keith McAvoy from www.mcavoyphotography.co.uk.

“For us an engagement shoot allows us to get to know who is shy, who is a poser, what you are like as a couple-are you jokey, lovey dovey? This allows us to capture you as you truly are. For you it is a chance to see how we work, to get used to being photographed, get to know us and feel comfortable with us so that by your wedding day you are not concerned about photography at all.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like having their photo taken do have an engagement shoot. I am one of those people who hates having their picture taken-Keith on the other hand is a complete poser! The engagement shoot is a great way of dispelling those nerves and seeing the results of a professional photo session in a relaxed, fun environment is always a good way to feel better about having your picture taken. We have had brides who really dread the engagement shoot but end up loving it and even better adore the results. Brides have cried at a viewing, saying they have never seen photos of themselves they like and that they love every one of ours. That is a fabulous feeling for us and the perfect aim of an engagement shoot.
Also engagement shoot photos can be used on invitations, thankyou cards, signing frame, or as a more lasting present for parents instead of flowers or booze. You could even start a parent album off with some engagement photos and then complete the album with images from your wedding.
We always offer potential brides to be a free engagement shoot so they can see for themselves how we work and what they can expect from us.”

Thanks to the lovely McAvoy Photography
The next photographers I asked about engagement shoots are the equally lovely Neil & Becky of Butterworth Photography. www.butterworthphotography.co.uk …..

“We offer an engagement shoot to all our couples, it’s built into their wedding package. (These thoughts would be replicated if we offered them as an extra) We see it as the perfect opportunity to get to know our clients really well before their day, it’s not just about the photography, it’s about the communication, understanding how the couple prefer to interact with each other and then what you can take from the shoot to make their wedding day experience even better. Meeting clients on their wedding day after an engagement shoot means they’re comfortable seeing me come in and start capturing everything without any ‘camera phobias’ we’ve tackled any camera shyness, they can carry on enjoying their day.

I suppose thinking about it, you sample the cake, have food tasting sessions with the venue, try on your dress, photography is a big investment so it’s worth spending time with the photographer too before the day.”

Thank you so much to both McAvoy Photography and Butterworth Photography for sharing these insights and, as I’m sure you’ll agree, the absolutely beautiful Engagement photos! I personally had no idea that photographers included it as part of their wedding packages .. so we’ve all learnt something!
Check back tomorrow for lots more!

Nikki x