The last couple of years I’ve definitely seen blue wedding schemes become more popular. I think people are finally coming around to the idea that a ‘traditional’ pastel palette of pinks and greens isn’t the only choice for weddings. In the past it seemed like the only time of year you were ‘allowed’ to step out of the box was Christmas and Winter weddings … where of course you went for red or dark green. This colour fascism when it comes to weddings makes me so mad! If there is one thing I hate people being told when it comes to a wedding is how things ‘should’ be done. In the end the only thing that makes a wedding a wedding is that you and your partner are married at the end of it! The rest of the day and the styling around that is really just a celebration of you as a couple and what you have just done … surely that bit should reflect the two of you as much as possible. Most people have a favourite colour that reflects them and you should be able to tie this colour into your colour scheme regardless of the time of year.

Shades of blue therefore can look just as beautiful in a summer wedding as they do in a cool and frosty winter wedding. Both Navy, duck egg and some of the lighter shades of blue can actually be quite warm colours, especially if pared with other shades such as blush pink or olive greens.

I do a few different invitations now in different shades of blue – all of which I think would be perfect for a wedding at any time of year.

My Tuscany range in particular has a really summery Mediterranean feel with a very warm blue colour mixed with a soft white and green and with a very summery floral motif.

blue wedding invitations tuscany

My Nautical range also mixes Navy but with a subtle pink accent to create a really fun but classic scheme which would be perfect for a coastal wedding at any time of the year.

nautical wedding invitations for a blue wedding

If you want to go a bit more rustic with your blue wedding colour scheme then I have my China Blue range which is mixed with a pretty lace and a brown kraft card – which would be perfect for a barn or country wedding.

china blue wedding stationery

Finally I have my Vintage Cameo range in a really beautiful Wedgewood Blue colour – mixed with a black and white monochrome scheme and a cameo motif the look is elegant and classic and would be wonderful at any time of year for either a country manor wedding or something more modern in the city.

vintage cameo blue wedding invitations

Hopefully this gives you some ideas of how to incorporate blue into your wedding if it is one of your favourite colours too.

Take a look at some of my blue Pinterest boards to give you an idea of styling for these invitations …