Ok so I’m a little bit nervous and excited about today’s post as it’s the first time I’m sharing on the blog the start of the real design and look of our wedding which is next May bank holiday in 2017. Even the date has been a bit of a secret up until now as I wanted our guests to find out when they received their Save the Dates. Obviously stationery is a big thing for me so designing our Save the Date cards was a bit daunting!

Anyway a couple of weeks ago we sent the Save the Date cards out to our guests and so now I can share the design with you on the blog!

skull and roses save the date cards

Both myself and Ant like dark colours … we’re painting a lot of navy and grey walls in our new house! … so I suggested incorporating a navy into the colourscheme. As you will see from my stationery designs though I also love a bit of pink and especially love florals so we decided on a colour scheme of Navy, Ivory and Pink – with a couple of different shades of light and dark pink to stop the colourscheme from looking too ‘flat’.

From there the challenge was to incorporate wanting something elegant and floral but also wanting to include some humour and fun and a bit of our geeky side! We’re massive film, literature and sci-fi fans so knew we wanted something to reflect that in our wedding but really didn’t want it to look too themed. So we decided on subtle hints throughout. Not all of our guests have got the references but they are a true reflection of us … so if you’re not really into Star Wars or Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy then this may pass you by!

navy and pink elegant geek save the date cards

The idea for the Save the Dates came to me suddenly at 3am whilst Ant was working away so I immediately got up and sketched something out before I forgot and by the time he got home a design was in place for him to look at! Fortunately he loved it!

I decided to incorporate a little bit of the story of how we met and so instead of just standard wording I went for a bit of a Star Wars theme which then explained how we met at a festival and that one of the reasons we got together was because in a bit of a lull in the conversation one afternoon Ant asked the group what the meaning was to life, the universe and everything … most of the others said that was a bit deep for a conversation but I immediately got the Hitchhikers reference and said 42.

I also really love envelope liners and wanted to include a floral envelope liner for our Save the Dates but decided to include a cheeky little Storm Troopers motif in a nod to Star Wars. So subtle that some of our guests had to look twice before twigging what it was.

I’m so pleased with how the Save the Date Cards turned out … now all I need to do is come up with an idea for the actual invitations!

Nikki x