It seems that 2016 is set to be year of the ruffle! Whether that be on dresses, cakes or chair backs ruffled wedding inspiration is everywhere … but there isn’t any need to shrink back in horror and have flashbacks to the bad old days of the 80’s where everything looked like your Auntie’s ‘toilet roll doll’ – these ruffles appear to be softer and more elegant and with a pretty neutral colourscheme can be done without it looking too over the top. There are even some options which make an acceptable alternative to the hideous chair covers!

I think the whole look lends itself to a fine art style with minimal colour – perhaps a little gold and blush and some green foliage. But keep it classic and the ruffles won’t look too overpowering.

I love the ruffles found on wedding cakes at the moment – especially pared with a little metallics for a more modern look.

ruffled wedding cake ruffled wedding cake inspiration

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Dresses are full on and frothy – but often kept simple around the top and with minimal hair styling and accessories to keep it modern. Remember again you don’t want to look like that toilet roll holder! I’d probably go for a simple bun or loose relaxed down do hair wise. A lovely overflowing botanical bouquet like the one below would be lovely but because of all the ruffles I wouldn’t add any further accessories for risk of looking at little overdone.

ruffled wedding dress  5fe5a84565341b07643f5ca73b1236a9

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And for the final bit of ruffled wedding inspiration here are those alternatives to chair covers! Ok part of the chair is still visible so they aren’t going to help with those hideous burgundy damask monstrosities you’ve been lumbered with by your wedding venue … why venues don’t pick something neutral is beyond me! … but they will pretty some fairly dull chairs for you.

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Ok so this is definitely not a look for everyone, and its still very ‘pretty’ no matter how much you pare it back .. but I think this proves that you can do ruffles in a modern way.