Good morning readers, so here I am on week 4 now of my guest post on the lovely Knots and Kisses blog.

I hope you are all enjoying my features so far? It would be super duper great to have some feedback and any ideas or requests which you may have of things you would like me to talk about / research / post, would be really appreciated and ensure I am writing about things of interest.

So did you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend? Full of relaxing and laughter and hopefully the odd drinky 😉

Here in the Cotswolds we had another wet, grey weekend. Typical really as me and the other-half were off together. But hey-ho as parents, there are plenty of things we save to do for a rainy day.
Splashing in puddles, making mud pies, long walks collecting soggy leaves with your wellies on and anorak zipped up, and that’s just me and Wayne he he..

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So today, I have been inspired by the wet weather we keep getting here in the Cotswolds. My garden is looking beautiful, like a sea of lushness, greens, purple lavenders and herbs. I love it when the rain falls on a spiders web which has been carefully crafted amongst the plants, as it catches the light and twinkles.. Its so pretty and such a work of art.

I have collected up a few images of Wet Wedding Days and Rainy Inspiration, because a bride does have choices and the weather should never put a ‘dampener’ on the day. Its understandable why a Bride to be may be concerned about the weather on her wedding day, dampness causing frizzy hair, mud and puddles, dirty wedding dress and wedding shoes, the list could go on. However, embrace the weather and be weather prepared, snow, sun or rain.

Wellies and umbrellas are 2 wonderful ways of being weather prepared and also adding a little ‘fun’ and creativity into the day and photo shoots.
Personally I love rainy wedding shots, I think the use of umbrellas and rain boots can be so magical and romantic, creative and fun.
Whether they match your outfit or wedding style or completely stand out.

I hope you enjoy.. Ladyamy

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..and what a beautiful creation a Rainbow is

I hope you have enjoyed this post?