I’ve got some fabulous suppliers lined up over the next few weeks on the Knots & Kisses Supplier Spotlight … hopefully a few of them will inspire you for your wedding!
The first up this Friday is the fantastic ‘Belle And The Bunting’. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a massive fan of bunting and I think its a fabulous way of decorating your wedding in a pretty and relaxed way … whether you’re having a marquee or a village hall. There are so many different types of bunting … and each can be used to provide a different atmosphere ( honestly it doesn’t have to look like your local village fete! Although if that’s the look you’re going for then hurrah! )

The lovely bunting at Belle And The Bunting has a gorgeous vintage feel .. I especially love the beautiful embroidered one below. (Keep reading as there’s a fabulous discount exclusive to Knots & Kisses readers at the end!)
I asked Kerry, who makes all this fabulous bunting, to tell us a little bit more ….

“I’ve always been a crafty sort of person (of the making variety, not the sneaky sort!) and have been thinking of ways I could make it work as my proper job. The bunting hire idea came to me a while ago but it’s only recently I have had the opportunity to act on it. My idea was to make really high quality, beautiful bunting which is available in large quantities (it’s surprising how much room hundreds of meters of bunting takes up)! I know many brides-to-be make it themselves, which is fantastic, I guess my service is there for those who don’t have the time or the sewing machine.

The actual product is made by me at my workshop at home. I use only the best products, from the fabric to the binding, even the thread, there really is no substitute for quality and I think my customers appreciate that. I started by making bunting that pays homage to the idea of vintage, using well known designers such as Cath Kidston, Laura Ashley and Tanya Whelan. However, my new bunting (I’ve called it ‘Betty’) is made entirely from vintage linens, cottons and lace. The majority has been kindly donated by my family; in fact much of the embroidery was made by my Nana-in-law. She was very keen on the thought that something she made would be a part of someone’s wedding day, an event that would be remembered forever, very sweet.

I’m learning so much. I imagined it would all be about the sourcing materials, the making and sewing but it’s much more. My customers have been fantastic. It’s such a great feeling when someone ‘gets’ what you do and to know that something you have spent hours and hours making is really appreciated and loved, you can’t ask for anything more.

Prices for hire start at just £1.80 per metre (postage is additional). Customers who book and mention Knots and Kisses will receive a 10% discount with our compliments!”

You can contact Kerry through the website http://www.belleandthebunting.co.uk/ 
or Phone – 07866754194/07899831570 Email – hello@belleandthebunting.co.uk