Welcome to a new week! This week at Knots & Kisses its seriously back to work with a vengeance. Although I was back off holiday last week I did manage to take a day off to spend with my family on a steam train in South Devon .. and I went down to Surrey for the weekend to see friends … so its sort of felt like I was still on my hols.
I’m definitely back this week though and, as well as stationery orders to make, I’m in full swing preparing for the new ranges website updates in Autumn ( more to come later in the week.)

Today though I want to share with you some reception stationery I designed recently with a tree and leaf theme. Based around my sketch range of wedding stationery http://knotsandkisses-co-uk.stackstaging.com/beta/sketchcollection.html but with a powder green colour scheme and sketches of different leaves on each table name.

If you would like bespoke table names or numbers for your wedding just get in touch at info@knotsandkisses.co.uk or https://knotsandkisses.co.uk