I hope many of you got to check out the brand new Knots & Kisses Website yesterday!
To celebrate the launch of the new website I have designed and launched two new Wedding Stationery ranges! Today I’d like to introduce you properly to the first of those new ranges which is called ‘Sketch’.

Sketch was inspired by my love of old black & white botanical drawings and trips with my family to the Natural History Museum in London. I also really wanted to incorporate some fresh new colours into the Knots & Kisses stationery range, and thought these zingy apple greens, mustard and mushroom colours would be perfect. I also really wanted to hand draw an element of the stationery so loved doing the pen and ink work for the butterfly, apple and bird motifs.
The great thing about Sketch is you can pick one colour combination and design or mix and match as you wish!
Today I want to concentrate on the Mustard Yellow colourway in the range which comes with a hand drawn sketch of a small bird as the motif.
Check back on the blog on Thursday and Friday for more information and pictures of the Apple Green & Mushroom colourways in the range.

All of the invitations in the Sketch range come with a brown kraft envelope and I’ve take inspiration from this with the styling ideas below. The mustard yellow and white colour scheme works fantastically well mixed with browns for a more rustic feel, or with greys to give it a cleaner more modern look.

credits :
Johnny Miller Photography