I’m ever so slightly excited this morning … ok I’m hopping up and down with excitement really!
This is because after months of hard work I can finally launch my brand new Wedding Stationery website!
I’m really hoping that the new website will be much easier for customers to use and give you the opportunity to see lots more photos of my stationery. Take a look at www.knotsandkisses.co.uk

I’d just like to say now a MASSIVE thank you to my friend Marc at Design Photographic for setting up the initial backbone of the website and for putting up with my ridiculous technical questions, and an even more MASSIVE thank you to my amazing other half Anthony who has been working pretty much every night when he gets home from work on putting this website together, and has had to put up with my obsessive compulsive nature when it comes to designing!

I’ve designed the layout myself so I really hope you all like it! Would appreciate any feedback.
I’ve also added a new ‘Suppliers I Love’ page which wasn’t on the old website so I can showcase some of the amazing suppliers I love. I’d like to apologise now for any suppliers who have missed the list …. I could only fit so many people on I’m afraid and I had to shorten my list considerably from where it started!

Also on the new website are two brand new Wedding Stationery ranges!
They are called ‘Sketch’ and ‘Storybook’ … there are some images below, but I will be sharing lots more about them this week as I’ve dedicated all week on the blog to showcasing the two new ranges and styling ideas to go with them! So be sure to check back tomorrow for the first installment on the new ‘Sketch’ range!

Please take a look at the new ranges on the website www.knotsandkisses.co.uk