Hey, how are you? Long time no speak!

Although I’ve been working away behind-the-scenes and popping up on Instagram, it’s been a while since I blogged. I’m finally back with an update, so let me start by explaining the radio silence…

boho luxe wedding stationery by Knots & Kisses styled place setting with wooden chargers and linen fabric

What Happened?

Unfortunately, at the end of June I collapsed at home due to a very severe reaction to an unknown virus. This caused my heart to swell and fill with fluid. My other organs essentially went into meltdown. I was in an induced coma for just over a week and then on a hospital ward for a further two weeks.

The immediate aftereffects were crushed nerves in my feet. They’re gradually repairing and I’m able to walk about with the aid of a splint. This means I’ll have no problems being on my feet and styling weddings in 2020 and beyond.

I’m also experiencing a high level of exhaustion and fatigue. This is slowly getting better, but I have had to reduce my workload to give myself the best chance of a full recovery. I’m now back up to working three or four days a week.

modern prarie wedding invitations
Modern Prairie wedding stationery

Changes to the Order Process

Rest assured, your orders are still just as important to me as they always have been. To make sure I dedicate the same amount of time to each client as I usually would, I’m taking on fewer orders. My levels of customer service are in no way affected, but I would ask you to please be patient when waiting for replies to emails or quotes.

To allow me to manage my workload more efficiently, you’re no longer able to order directly from the House Collection through the website. Instead, you’ll need to request a quote. As long as the correct information has been provided, I’ll get back to you within 72 hours. You can still order Sample Packs using the green ‘Samples’ button on each stationery collection page.

You can also request my bespoke design service through the links on the Bespoke Stationery page. Going forward, I will be limiting fully bespoke designs to three per month, so make sure you get in touch early to secure a slot in my schedule.

boho festival reception stationery styled by Knots & Kisses
boho festival wedding stationery

New Stationery Collections

On a more positive note, I’ve added three new designs to my House Collection. Pictured throughout this post, Boho Luxe, Modern Prairie and Boho Festival are now available to order. Which is your favourite?

A Few People I’d Like to Thank

I’d like to thank friends, family, and fellow wedding industry folk for being amazingly supportive in recent months. I’m especially grateful to the clients I had this summer who were all massively understanding of the situation. Big thanks to the amazing team at Torbay Hospital who are continuing to support me in my recovery.

And then there’s my husband, Ant, who was not only there by my bedside throughout all the trauma, but also took care of the business when I couldn’t. He had to deal with my emails and coordinate with fellow wedding suppliers to make sure styling jobs went ahead and stationery orders were fulfilled. At the same time, doctors were telling him the prognosis wasn’t good. He’s an amazing man.

Photo Credits:

Modern PrairieYeti Photography

Boho FestivalClare Kinchin Photography

Boho LuxeHelen Lisk Photography