I’m returning today to look at the new Candy Stripe range which I launched on the blog and website http://knotsandkisses-co-uk.stackstaging.com/beta/ on Monday morning.
Hope you’ve enjoyed looking at all the different wedding styling ideas I’ve come up with to go with the three different colourways in this range. Today I’m looking at the Lemon and Grey colour scheme in this new range.
I’ve wanted to do something in this colourway for a while, as its such a refreshing colour scheme perfect for spring weddings! As with the other ranges it comes with a brown paper wrapping which gives it a warm rustic edge.

To go with this lemon & grey colour scheme I’ve created a moodboard of styling ideas you could use for your wedding. I love the idea of sherbet desserts, glasses of lemonade with stripy straws and fresh lemons in bouquets and cocktails! To warm the colour scheme up, as I’ve done with the stationery I’ve added some brown paper, wood and natural hessian elements to add to that spring feel … I love the idea of daffodils in brown paper bags!

I hope you’ve liked exploring the new ‘Candy Stripe’ range as much as I’ve done this week. I’ll be launching another new range of wedding stationery on Monday! So check back to see ‘Russian Doll’!