Hopefully you’ve all had a good week and the turn in the weather conditions isn’t getting everyone too down. I have to say although I love the sunshine the fact that me and my other half ended up lighting a fire and cosying up under a tartan blanket with a glass of port the other night definitely reminded me how much I also love cosy winter nights!
Its this time of year when it starts to get autumnal that I start thinking about doing things on the house and updating my décor. It drives OH to distraction that I like to update things on a sometimes yearly basis as my tastes change so often!

So today I thought I’d go off the subject of weddings for a while and share with you my favourite home decorating ideas at the moment from my Pinterest ‘home decor’ board.
As you can see my tastes are eclectic .. and its difficult to do some of these things as we are currently still in rented … but hopefully I’ll be able to incorporate some of these ideas into my already fairly eclectic home 🙂

I love this sumptuous teal sofa! I’d use this in my bedroom as our lounge is more warm tones of teak, grey and red.
Again I love the teal colour .. but also the retro side board which would look fantastic in my lounge!
Not for everyone but I love the idea of this display of skulls and antlers against a dark grey background in my hallway or boot room area 🙂

More gorgeous ideas … I’ve sort of recreated the large chalkboard wall in my kitchen as best as I can by making a large framed blackboard to hang on the wall … as near as I’m going to get with a rented property!