As many of you may know .. or not if you’ve just started reading the blog! … I also have a bit of a passion for interiors! I’m forever driving my other half up the wall by coming up with new ideas for décor in our house .. or something quirky which I like the idea of and want him to make as I can’t find exactly what I want in a shop anywhere!
So fun and quirky homeware shops are right up my street.
Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites and my current favourite products in their online shops … stuff that I would love to squeeze into our home if only I had space .. or another room to decorate!

Number Fifteen

Number Fifteen is an online boutique selling homewares and gifts. My main obsession on this site is their prints section which has some really fantastic original artwork. I love this telephone print below by James Paterson.

Southwood Stores

Full of gorgeous Scandinavian and Mid Century design … I love this boutique run by the gorgeous Hayley ( who I helped with the design for the logo! ).
I already have the Panda Print cushion sitting proudly in my lounge but would also love the bits and pieces below …

Rockett St George

Finally I’m a little bit obsessed with Rockett St George. If I’m not buying things directly from this site I’m asking my other half if he can make something similar at home!
My current obsessions are going to need some saving for …

As you can probably tell by now my tastes are rather eclectic … but hopefully this has given you some inspiration and ideas for your own home 🙂

Nikki x