For those of your that don’t know I’m a bit of a Christmas obsessive!
Therefore please excuse me for dropping the wedding chat this morning and indulging my Christmas obsession by sharing with you my decorations this year!
I’m incredibly excited about this Christmas as, after the move to Devon earlier this year, its the first time we’ve had a house big enough to invite the family here for Christmas. So I’ve got my Mum, my sister, her husband and my gorgeous niece and nephew decsending on us on the 22nd.
I’ve therefore gone a little bit crazy with some craft projects which will make the house as Christmassy for them as possible!

My first project was to make everyone Christmas stockings. I was determined that now we have a fireplace that I would hang a stocking up for everyone .. but they are so expensive to buy! My partner Anthony and I already have bought stockings so I used those as a starting point and stocked up on felt and hessian and embellished with ribbons, buttons and homemade kraft tags to decorate them.

I also made some fabric heart bunting to string around the top of the curtain pole along with some fake green foliage …
Alongside my tree this year, which myself and my other half made and decorated gingerbread men to hang on to, I think the overall effect in the dining room is great and I can’t wait to eat Christmas dinner in there!

I’ve also made some bunting for over the fireplace in the lounge … again out of hessian and felt and stencilled or cut out letters.
I’m definately in the mood for Christmas now! I hope you are all too … would love to hear about your Christmas Craft projects!
Nikki x