On today’s Supplier Spotlight I’m delighted to introduce to you the lovely Emily Orchard from ‘Take a Vow’ who contacted me through the lovely medium of twitter about her business which she started in September.
She has a really refreshing attitude to wedding planning and wants to make her services accessible to everyone … which I personally think is what Wedding Planning is all about and not some uber controlling, highly expensive person .. which is the impression that a lot of people have. You can find more about Emily on her website http://www.takeavow.co.uk/

I’ll hand over to Emily to explain a bit more about what she does ….

Let me start with a little about me. I graduated with a first class honours degree in Event Management this year and wanted to make sure I used my degree to make a difference in doing something I was truly passionate about. I love events because I enjoy being creative and working with people at such an exciting time in their lives makes every day really rewarding. I love to organise and plan and I thrive on new challenges so I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather do!

My aim for Take A Vow is for it to be accessible to anyone planning any kind of wedding. Through my flexible attitude and affordable pricing I hope I can change some perceptions of wedding planners being expensive and controlling. That said, I never refer to myself as a planner, always a coordinator. My skills lie in managing people’s plans and using my experience and knowledge to guide them through their planning and help them execute their arrangements. This means that with me, my couples can have their day exactly how they wish without the stress of last minute supplier confirmations, collecting cakes and flowers or setting up the venue for example.

As I said, I pride myself on being very flexible and am continuously researching great suppliers (you can find a list of some of my favourites on my website) and learning about trends, new ideas and the options available, so that I can give my couples the very best of my knowledge. I work closely with each couple to learn about them and find out exactly what they need doing and make sure it gets done! In this way, no two weddings are the same! From being the point of contact for suppliers, setting up the venue, helping the photographer to clearing glasses and checking their bags in at their wedding night hotel, I consider it my responsibility to ensure the couple doesn’t have to worry about anything except enjoying every moment of their day and am happy to take on any task- provided it’s not illegal or immoral!!

I have some really exciting plans for Take A Vow in the future and hope to continue growing the business. I have recently started a collection of wedding decoration items available to hire, including bell jars, signs and vintage crockery that you can find on my website and I love to write my blog too. The blog provides a great way to keep in touch with my clients, readers & suppliers as well as keeping me actively researching and learning about anything new in the wedding world!

Take A Vow is based in Buckinghamshire but I have already worked in Chelsea and one of my weddings next year is in Scotland so I’m happy to work all over! I offer a free 1 hour consultation to anyone who is interested in booking me which allows us to get to know each other and me to assess their needs and recommend the best service I can give them. My services are listed online but again I can be flexible within these so that couples are getting the service the really need rather than just a package.

The first Take A Vow wedding I coordinated was for a lovely couple, Jo & Tom, held in Chelsea on the 19th November 2011. They came to me as they were having issues with their reception venue who weren’t being very helpful and the timings of the day were such that the ceremony was taking place at the time they first had access to the reception venue so someone would have missed out if they had to get a member of the wedding party to decorate and set up the venue. They also wanted some advice as to how they could decorate the venue to make it feel more like their wedding day. I helped them out with some styling ideas and was there on the day to collect the cake, check in their bags at their wedding night hotel, decorate the reception venue and assist the photographer amongst other things. This is what they had to say the day after the wedding…

“Dear Emily 🙂 Just wanted to say again how very, very grateful we were for all your help & support. You did such a beautiful job & the day was a delight because of you”