I love the idea of really dressing a table properly at a Wedding and not just using a traditional floral centrepiece. I’ve always been a fan of layering when it comes to dressing tables or any other type of interior .. it gives it a more finished luxurious feel … and really doesn’t have to be expensive!
You can quite easily go out and by cheap but pretty fabrics to create a great look and create centre pieces out of pretty much anything.
Here are a few of my favourite current ideas …

I love the idea of using Doilies as a table runner .. I’m thinking of recreating this myself for my own dining table at home! These gorgeous runners are available from Littlewhiteboutique on www.etsy.com but I’m sure those of you who are handy with a sewing machine could come up with something similar for yourself.
They also do these gorgeous rustic burlap and lace cutlery holders for your tables.

Again with the idea of layering your tables … try and include layered charger plates on your tables (they don’t have to be expensive) with napkins on the top. This makes your tables look so much more finished.

You could quite easily collect some really pretty mismatching china and fabrics in the months/years before your wedding for a lovely eclectic look on the day.

image from www.100layercake.com


image from www.greenweddingshoes.com

Finally … try thinking out of the box when it comes to centrepieces.
Rows of individual glass bottles with single blooms in can provide an incredibly effective yet fantastic value alternative (again remember to include some sort of runner underneath to tie everything together) …

image from www.stylemepretty.com

Think about using candles en masse rather than flowers for a really striking modern look .. especially great in a hotel or indoor venue to create some atmosphere.

images from www.pinterest.com

If you do want flowers as a centrepiece .. think of using unusual display ideas or vases. I love these vintage and retro canisters that have been used. Clustering them together like this creates a better visual impact.