I really didn’t know whether to write a post today or not, so I’ve decided instead to do something a little different….

For most people Valentines Day is a day of celebration, celebrating those we really love and are closest to us in our lives… and so it should be!
Unfortunately it can for others, including myself, be a day which brings back the sadness of those we have lost.
Six years ago today we lost my amazing Dad, who was one of my best friends, to the horrible disease Leukaemia. So today, instead of ignoring this and doing a blog post full of hearts and red valentines styling ideas .. which was my plan originally… I’d like to ask my readers to remember the loved ones of others and perhaps think of making a donation to Leukaemia Research.
Around 7000 adults are diagnosed with the disease in the UK alone every year. Research into new drugs is really important as many adults become resistant or are intolerant to standard methods of chemotherapy.
My Dad was diagnosed just after Christmas and we had unfortunately lost him by February. I can personally vouch for the fact that new drugs really do need to be looked into.
You can find out lots more information about how you can donate and the various ways you can help on the website of the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Organisation http://www.beatbloodcancers.org/give

I’m sorry if this is a bit of a downer on what is such a great day for most, but if I can persuade one person to make a donation this post will have been worthwhile.

On a cheerier note, I really hope everyone has a great Valentines Day, full of flowers and chocolates and perhaps even the odd proposal!