I’m in a bit of a quandry!
It doesn’t happen very often but occasionally I’m just really unsure what to call a new range of stationery I’m designing .. and this is happening now!
For a while now I’ve been working on a new range of wedding stationery which will hopefully launch at the end of summer, once I’ve got the madness of the summer season and my move to Devon out the way.
The idea behind the range was twofold …

1. To offer a range of stationery which was stylish and different whilst being simple enough to make for me to be able to offer to those clients who are perhaps organising a wedding in a hurry or have left things a little last minute. Something which I could offer a shorter lead time on.

2. To offer a range of stationery which was less embellished than some of my stationery and therefore a little more purse friendly for those clients on a very strict budget…

And herein lies the problem … I hate using the term budget, purse friendly, affordable, good value etc etc !
All of these terms imply that my existing ranges of stationery are non of these things. Which in fact they are. I try to offer the very best value on every range of stationery I design. I automatically take into account any bulk buy discounts I get on card etc from my wholesale suppliers and take care when pricing my stationery to offer the very best price I can on each item, whilst still taking in to account the time it takes to produce good handmade stationery.

So I’m looking for your help to find a term to describe this new range of stationery that isn’t derogatory to my other ranges! Get your thinking caps on people! I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

Nikki x