From boho to celestial and everything in between, my love of wedding trends is no secret. I’ve encouraged you to embrace them and shared a few favourites. But there’s still something I wish more couples knew: You don’t have to commit to one, single trend. Instead, you can mix, match and merge details and elements from a range of trends to create a wedding that’s personal and unique.   

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It’s Just Like Buying Furniture

Picture a room filled with matching furniture. Maybe it’s a bedroom with a bed, bedside tables, wardrobe and chest of drawers all from the same range. It probably looks like something you’d see in a catalogue.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with this image, but if you switch the bed for a different style, paint the wardrobe, add some vintage pieces and style it up with new bedding and accessories, the room will look and feel completely transformed. This is because mixing different styles and merging old with new is a sure-fire way to add character and interest.   

If you’re drawn to my work and often find yourself liking and saving images I share on Instagram, matchy-matchy furniture probably isn’t your thing. I bet the same goes for your wedding too – you don’t want something that looks like it’s been lifted from the pages of a catalogue.

celestial wedding inspiration pale blue and gold tablescape
dried flower arrangement boho wedding styling

What Would a Stylist Do?

Sticking to one trend can lead to an identikit wedding that feels more Pinterest than personal. Equally, if you’re randomly picking elements from various trends you’ve seen online, there’s always a risk you’ll end up with something that looks a bit all over the place.

Bringing a Stylist onboard is the easiest way to translate a jumble of ideas and influences into a cohesive look. It’s what we do best! While I can’t reveal all my secrets in a single blog post, I can share some advice. Here’s what I’d say if you asked me how to mix, match and merge a few key trends on your wedding day…

ombre wedding backdrop

Colour Is Key

Creating a consistent colour palette is crucial when mixing trends. Sticking to a few complementary shades or tones will ensure everything looks intentional rather than mixed-up and confused. I recommend considering colours and trends separately. One will always influence the other, so either pick a colour palette first or identify trends you like and go from there.

If you’re starting with colours, browse wedding mags, Pinterest and Instagram to find trends that might be a good fit. Some colour schemes naturally lend themselves to certain looks. Then you can pick the elements and details you like best from each one.   

If you’re starting with trends, find two or three you like and see how they sit together. Look for a common thread of colour that connects them all and let this inform your palette.

top table styling peacock chairs rattan dried flowers

Celestial Shoot

The images throughout this post were previously featured in Wed Magazine. I loved working with the other suppliers to create this striking look – a perfect blend of elements from the celestial, boho and modern trends. See, it can be done!

One of my biggest passions is helping couples put their own spin on popular trends. If you’d like to chat about my services, please get in touch.

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