Good morning peeps and happy Wednesday.

Did you all have a lovely long weekend? I hope so, the weather was fairly kind to us in the Cotswolds.. I took Noah to Weston Super Mare on Monday, as you can only imagine it was a nightmare and uber busy, but fabulous and great fun all the same haha!! With donkey rides and ice creams, fish and chips and sand, Noah had a ball 😉
This week I wanted to share with you my thoughts and ideas on how to involve the little ones in your special day. As a Mummy, its very important to me that….

The chosen venue for our wedding will be completely child friendly. So, not only Noah and Mia can have a fabulous day too but Wayne and I would be able to truly relax and be safe in the knowledge that Noah and Mia were safe in their surroundings. I.e there were no ponds, main roads etc etc
If your child is happy then you can relax. So here are a few of my favourite ideas for entertainment and convenience for a child at a wedding.. I hope you like them x

A great tip is to use educational entertainment such as colours / shapes / drawing / words / spelling and messy things.. Children love learning and love doing. Anything from play doh to fishing up ducks from a small paddling pool.
Bouncy Castles can also be fun, or even just some outdoor games such as child Cricket, Football and Softball. Children love dancing, so we will definitely be incorporating some awesome music for our little guests, some funky nursery rhymes and Disney tracks are always a hit haha!!

Enjoy my child friendly wedding inspiration mood board =)



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Best of Luck!