Do you want to create a relaxed, laid-back wedding that feels luxurious and special? More and more couples are taking a casual approach to their big day, and it’s something I definitely encourage. Informal weddings are often a perfect fit for people who want do things a little differently. But if casual elegance is the goal, how do you keep things feeling refined when you’re skipping the usual pomp and pageantry?

relaxed, laid-back wedding cake table styling

Pick the Right Venue

You’d be forgiven for thinking I mean book a barn, tipi, or field because that’s where minds tend to go when you start talking about casual events. But planning a relaxed, laid-back wedding doesn’t have to mean hay bales and hessian! A rustic setting isn’t the only way to ensure things feel informal. At the same time, there are lots of ways to make barns, tipis, and fields look super luxe.

Instead, the key is to pick a venue that offers plenty of flexibility. Creating something casual means doing things the way you want to, rather than the way they’ve always been done. Maybe you want to hold your ceremony outside or feed your guests from a fleet of food trucks? Whatever your vision, doublecheck your venue is willing and able to fulfil your wishes.

Forget About Formalities

Some wedding traditions are incredibly formal and even a little OTT. Staying true to your desired vibe means skipping anything that doesn’t feel like a good fit. This might mean ditching the receiving line or dropping the usual speeches. Alternatively, you could try putting a new, personal spin on an old tradition.

modern neautrals wedding place setting

Keep Clothing Casual

Formal wedding attire is out, and casual clothes are in. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you and your wedding party should rock up to your ceremony in jeans and trainers. Although, that could totally work!

Instead, you might want to consider relaxed tailoring, shirts worn without ties, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, or a gorgeous wedding gown paired with a messy bun and minimal makeup.

Focus on the Little Details

Casual wedding styling is all about adding beautiful details in a relaxed way. You want to create a space that looks pretty while feeling unpretentious. Floral installations that are deliberately a little messy and undone work well alongside luxe metallic finishes. I’d also recommend concentrating on quality over quantity. You don’t need masses of décor to create your desired look. For example, beautiful crockery and gold cutlery can make all the difference!

autumn wedding inspiration tablescape styling

Ask the Experts

A laid-back wedding happens by design, not by accident. Enlisting help or hiring a stylist like myself will make the whole process much more relaxing. As well as ensuring all the little details are taken care of, I’ll create an overall look that feels effortless, even though it’s often anything but!

Need convincing? Here are four more reasons to hire a wedding stylist. You can discover more about my wedding design and styling services here.

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