What is a Cohesive Look?

Creating a cohesive look for your wedding means making sure nothing feels out of place. It’s not about being matchy-matchy or homogenous, it’s about the subtle repetition of colour, shape, pattern, and texture to ensure different items and elements sit harmoniously together.

70s disco wedding bespoke seating plan and floral installation

Where Do I Start?

The key to designing a cohesive look is to consider every element of your wedding and create a styling plan. Then, when you’re sourcing clothes, accessories, flowers and other decorative details, all you need to do is check they fit the plan.

As your Wedding Stylist, I can create inspiration boards on your behalf. You’re then free to use them throughout your wedding planning journey. From shopping for your wedding outfit to liaising with your cake maker, you’ll have an inspiration board on hand to ensure everyone is on the same page. You can take it along with you to fittings or send it to the relevant supplier. Simple!

If you’re not working with a Wedding Stylist, I’d recommend pulling together a Pinterest board you can share with other people. However, let me give you a quick word of warning! Make sure your board is well curated with an obvious scheme. Constantly adding random photos in the wrong colour palette because you happen to like the style of the suit/stationery/table linen isn’t helpful and can easily be confusing!

Caera and Richard Boho Vineyard wedding at Brickhouse Vineyard, Devon
Place setting wooden charger plate Caera and Richard Boho Vineyard wedding at Brickhouse Vineyard, Devon

What About Picking a Colour Scheme?

Contrary to popular belief, if you want your wedding to look cohesive, the worst thing you can do is pick one colour. Most people find it impossible to source exactly the right shade for every element of their wedding. By trying to match everything perfectly, it invariably ends up looking like nothing matches at all! Instead, the key is to pick a base palette and one or two accent colours, so you always have a range of hues to choose from.

I’d also encourage you to consider your colour palette before you start looking for a venue. Some venues offer a fairly neutral backdrop, but many don’t. There’s nothing worse than desperately trying to fit your terracotta and pink colour scheme into a venue with pale blue floral wallpaper! Either go venue shopping with a fixed colour palette in mind and discount anything that doesn’t work or decide you’re happy to fall in love with a venue and create a scheme that fits. Either way, make sure you ask to see any chairs and other furniture when you visit. Nobody wants to end up having to consider chair covers!

Any Other Words of Wisdom?  

Laurie and James Coombeshead Farm Wedding bride with three bridesmaids
styled place setting Laurie and James Coombeshead Farm Wedding

If you’re ordering stationery items and signage, try to get everything from one supplier if you can. At the very least, make sure the same fonts are used across all items. A random mix of fonts and typography can be really jarring.

If you’re splitting tasks such as organising your own outfits, make sure the other person also has a colour palette and/or inspiration board to work from. I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve styled where a groom has ended up in a random coloured suit that doesn’t fit the overall colour palette. Don’t let it happen to you!   

Finally, as your wedding gets closer, try to avoid panic buying things that haven’t been properly thought through. For example, plenty of people get lured in by a last-minute guest book and end up settling for a rustic look, rather than properly researching their options to find something that matches their modern minimalist scheme!

Work With Me

One of my biggest passions is helping couples mix, match and merge a range of colours, textures and patterns to create a cohesive look for their wedding. If you’d like to chat about my services, please get in touch.

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