One of the most important things in your wedding will be your wedding photography. Yes the venue is probably the biggest expense and the dress and details will complete the look, but the photos are going to be what’s left when all that is just memories and the day is over. So how do you choose your wedding photographer ? There are so many wedding photographers out there it can be a bit of a minefield when you are first starting to look! Obviously personal recommendations are great but I think, after working with wedding photographers and in the industry for 6 years now, the most important thing is that your photography really reflects who you are as a couple.


image by Clare Kinchin Photography

There are lots of different styles of photography to choose from … Reportage, Fine Art, Traditional … so it’s really important to find one which is right for you.

Because of this I decided to ask a couple of my favourite photographers what they felt were the really important things to remember when choosing a wedding photographer …

First up Clare Kinchin Photography ( who just happened to do all the wonderful photography on this website! ) has some great tips …

  1. Establish your style first of all and then look for a photographer that best reflects you.
  2. Don’t book Uncle Bob….its got disaster written all over it!
  3. Like your photographer, you are going spend most of the day with this person, you need to like them.
  4. Don’t choose your photographer based purely on price. Look for photographers that you love and then
    take a look at the prices. You get what you pay for.
  5. Ask how long your photographer has been shooting weddings, experience experience experience is so
    important. A good professional photographer will still be able to create beautiful images even if its raining
    and you are inside with no natural light….lets face it, rain is a big possibility even in the summer.
  6. A pre-wedding or engagement shoot is a really great way of getting to know your photographer and
    being able to relax in front of the camera before the big day. You never know you might enjoy it!
  7. Remember you are the ingredients, make time to have some beautiful iconic images taken. Its actually
    quite nice to have some time out with each other.
  8. Let go….there might be a few little glitches on the day but don’t let them spoil your wedding, stressed out
    brides usually look stressed out in their photographers. The most important thing is that you are getting
    married to each other.
  9. Don’t procrastinate…if you like a photographers work…book them as soon as you can. Dates get
    booked out so quickly usually 18 months before the big day.
  10. Take a good look through a photographers website, I think a website speak volumes and reflects
    instantly the artistic flair and style of your photographer.
  11. Look closely at the products, have you seen them before, does your friend have the exact same product
    that is dropped into templates or will your photographer design you something bespoke so no one else
    will have the same as you.
  12. Finally….just have fun, you look incredible, your marrying Mr/Mrs wonderful, be gorgeous, be flirty and
    and work it baby!

image from Bowtie and Belle Photography

I also asked the lovely guys at Bowtie and Belle Fine Art Photography for their tips …

  1. Style – before meeting, have a thorough browse through their website. Look at the style of the photographer and make sure it fits with how you want your wedding to be captured.
  2. Coverage – you don’t want a clock watcher! Discuss the packages on offer and choose what suits you best and fits in with your wedding. Make sure your wedding photographer accommodates your needs as a couple. Its teamwork.
  3. Look for a connection – make sure you get on with your photographer. Meeting before your big day; be it for a pre-wedding photoshoot, skype call or for a chat over a cup of tea and cake – it’s so important to make sure you get on well. The biggest day of your life doesn’t have to be as stressful as everyone makes it out to be and if you get on well with your photographers your day will be more relaxed, comfortable and fun!
  4. And lastly, go with your heart. Your photography is the one of the most important considerations – it’s a lasting memory and you want it to stand the test of time for you to cherish for years to come. 
Cornish wedding Pengenna manor

image by Liberty Pearl Photography

The lovely Amber from Liberty Pearl Photography also gave me this insight …

“Ask do you have photos of entire weddings that I can see?
Request to see the images from a few complete weddings, instead of just a sampling of several events. This way, you can better judge the photographer’s work and see how they photograph the entire spectrum of a wedding―the bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, the reception, and the portraits. Asking to see a few weddings also shows consistency in their quality and style.”

A massive thank you to the photographers who contributed insights for this post … I hope you find it really helpful when choosing your wedding photographer.

Nikki x