I wanted to offer another post with advice for you this week on how to go about choosing your wedding stationery.

When it comes to choosing your wedding stationer I think the best thing to do is find someone who’s work you love … hopefully mine lol 😉 If you love their existing designs but none are quite right for your wedding, the chances are they will come up with a design you like when you contact them for a bespoke service.

Many couples contact me with very little idea of where they want to go with their wedding and the stationery can be a great starting point for a whole scheme. When it comes to style I usually advise one of two things. Generally the easiest option for many people is to pick a colour scheme they like and let the style of their wedding build from there … often certain colours lend themselves very well to a certain style and you will find yourself naturally going down this route. Pinks & Greens are great for garden party style weddings whereas Blues & Whites often feel more beachy or wintery.

Alternatively often the style of the venue can lead you to the right decisions to how you want your stationery and wedding to look. If a bride contacts me with little idea of what she wants but I know she’s getting married in a barn in a relaxed and casual ceremony I will naturally go down a more rustic route with her stationery … perhaps tied in string.

There are so many ideas out there these days and so many styles of wedding … Festival, Classic Hotel Glamour, Fifties Rock And Roll … and there will always be a style of stationery out there to suit.

Provide your stationer with as much information as possible and they will generally be able to evoke the style of your wedding. This can be information in photo form … we love inspiration photos to get a really good idea of the look you are going for … pictures of your venue are also great, and providing swatches of your bridesmaids dresses fabric means we can try and get the best colour match possible when it comes to make your stationery.

Big Tip though : Try not to send stationers pictures of other peoples stationery as inspiration! We’ll always feel uncomfortable and like we’re copying anothers work, which is incredibly unethical, and you’ll never get the best work from us if we’re not basing our ideas on other inspirations and you as a client.