Drawing and painting have always been an intrinsic part of my life. One of my earliest memories from primary school is a painting of mine being chosen to hang on the headmistress’s office wall! Although I did an Art A Level and studied elements of fashion illustration at university, I’m pretty much self-taught – if you can call just getting on with it teaching! When I started Knots & Kisses in 2009, I knew I wanted to offer elements of drawing, painting and illustration. This ranges from sketching out styling schemes and hand drawing maps to my most popular service – bespoke wedding venue illustration.

bespoke wedding venue illustration

My Illustration Process

I’ve always been drawn to architectural styles of painting – I like the accuracy and detail. At the same time, I love creating something completely bespoke and personal for my couples. A bespoke wedding venue illustration can be incorporated into your stationery design or you can commission a standalone piece or art for a special wedding, anniversary or birthday gift. I can work in pen and ink or hand paint your illustration.  

Whether I’m paining or drawing, I base my illustrations on a single photo. I always ask clients to select their favourite view of their venue and provide a good quality, high resolution image for me to work from. It’s also essential the photo doesn’t have anything ‘obscuring’ the building or elements of the building you want to see. I’m good, but I can’t magically know what’s hidden behind a large tree or car!

hand painted venue illustration with watercolours and brush

When Do We Need to Order a Bespoke Wedding Venue Illustration?  

Bespoke illustration takes time, so always enquire well in advance. Most black and white drawings will take a couple of days to complete. A full watercolour painting for wedding stationery takes three to four days. If you’re looking for an original piece of art to frame, this may take a few weeks. However, I only take on a limited number of illustrations per month, so I’d advise you to get in touch at least three months before you need the illustration. I hate having to say no to people who email wanting an illustration within a week or two.

hand painted venue illustration wedding invitation

Visit The Venue Illustrator for more information and do get in touch if you have any questions.

Photo Credits:

Clare Kinchin Photography