I’m going to share with you my new obsession today … and that is Hanging Floral Arrangements at Weddings.
I’ve often thought that people put so much effort into making their tables look beautiful at their weddings but leave the room or marquee looking quite plain. Obviously the recent trend for bunting has gone some way to rectifying this problem but not all venues or styles of wedding are ‘bunting’ appropriate . ( Can I just say now that I hate the word appropriate when it comes to Weddings but in this case I think its justified as you might not find bunting gives the look you want for your wedding! )

Instead why not ask your florist to provide hanging floral arrangements for your venue! They can look totally stunning and as glamorous or rustic as you would like. They are also a great DIY option depending on the look you are going for. Here are some option I absolutely love! ….

Kimberley Bradford Event
Tigerlily Weddings via www.pocketfulofdreams.co.uk