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Nowadays cookie cutter style weddings should be a thing of the past (or at least the late 90ʼs). To say I find them slightly snoring is a bit of an understatement!
I always want give a big bear hug to brides who decide theyʼve had enough of boring bog standard hotel foyer wedding fairs and take creative matters into their own (and sometimes numerous willing friends) hands…

Great idea for a guest book post – Image01: Photographer – Blue Window

For some time now Iʼve been reading the blogs of US wedding planners and going green with envy of the sheer effortless way weddings can look; from invites, table decor, favours, name tags – this list can just go on and on and on. What Iʼve learnt from following/stalking these people is that most of the time the brides themselves have sourced material, artisan craftspeople, fab wedding stationery inventors, photographers who have an eye for a quirky shot…

Making your wedding day unique to you could seem like a pretty hefty task (especially if you are trying to find a wedding dress/venue discussing menus and playing referee between mother and mother-in-law) but I reckon that if you consider some creative ideas at the start of your wedding planning then most DIY projects can come to fruition pretty easily.

Hereʼs a few of my favourite projects Iʼve found lately:-

Image02 : DIY: A Burlap Boutonniere
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This one doesnʼt really require any explanation itʼs so simple to do but effective to the unassuming eye:

Image04: Photographer Anabella Charles

I would also say that DIY doesn’t have to be expensive thanks to the onset of places like Folksy and Etsy you can source materials really easily. So not only should DIY weddings be wallet friendly the DIY projects are also great fun to do whilst drinking wine with your best mates and bridesmaids!

Image 05: till death do you part best friends pirate skull necklaces

PS. I would also like to say there are some great wedding fairs that I think would just completely blow you away!
PPS. Iʼm a great advocate of looking at wedding blogs for “inspiration” but please bear in mind the work on these sites have been created by someone whoʼs put a lot of time and effort in designing something unique and copying down to the final point isnʼt cool.