Hi All … Can I just say first before I hand over to the lovely Lauren … A big congratulations to her on her engagement last week! If you haven’t seen it already pop over to her blog as there’s a picture of the gorgeous and rather sparkly engagement ring!
Right over to Lauren ….

Good morning peeps and happy Wednesday!

I feel very content and happy this week, after a few days holiday’ing =) It’s as if I’m floating about in the lovely wedding world. The wedding industry is in full swing and as another wedding approaches me this weekend, I do my usual take time out for a little blog writing and research.

This week I would like to share with you some beautiful and unique wedding shoes, which I found during some Internet surfing. I love surfing the net finding fabulous treasures, designers and inspiration.
Today, I have chosen to share a range of beautiful shoes from traditional cream elegance, a rainbow of fabrics and colour or something a touch more cutesy, glitzy and twinkly to something heavily inspired by vintage chic and whimsical beauty. ‘A pair of fabulous shoes can make your outfit and create a whole theme / concept’

I recently featured Rachel Simpsons shoes in a Cotswolds bridal shoot which I directed. I am very much looking forward to sharing these images with you all soon, once the images are ready and edited .

I love Rachel Simpson bridal shoes. They suit almost every brides budget 😉 and they are so pretty and inter-changeable with accessories and colours. http://rachelsimpsonshoes.co.uk/ Tilly and Marilyn being 2 of my faves.. Have a look at Rachel’s website for an entire gallery of wonderful designs.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful wedding shoes…

Best wishes