Another fabulous guest post today .. this time from the lovely Nathalie at ‘Buttercup Bus’ on getting more out of your wedding cars or campervans ….

“Save those pennies and get more out of your wedding car (or campervan!!!)”

Conjuring up your wedding on a budget can be a difficult job… and it is easy to find pennies slipping away as you sign up to package deals that are not quite what you are after…

We wanted to share with you some of the ways you can really get value out of your wedding car supplier, based on the experience we have gained whilst having enormous fun offering VW Camper wedding hire.

I remember constantly checking the ambiguous whether reports for my wedding – but it always pays off to be prepared and to have a brolly to hand. Purchasing an elegant umbrella to go with that all important dress, can add a good £10-30 to your budget… and often your car supplier will already have at least one. It is always worth checking first… they may even have a picture.

Flowers are often a big investment for any wedding day, and again, savings can often be made by recycling decorations from your wedding transport. At Buttercup Bus VW Campers, we offer bespoke flowers to decorate the campervan. These flower garlands or mop tops can then be removed from the bus by your trusty driver, and transferred to the Church or reception to decorate the entrance, fire place or even top table.

Many car hire companies often include champagne in their wedding packages. This sounds lovely, but do you really want a whole bottle of champagne for a short journey? You may end up legless before you get to the reception – it would certainly make that first dance interesting!!! Check to see whether you can negotiate on the price to include a half bottle or even bucks fizz or a soft drink if preferred.

Another way to get value out of your wedding car supplier is to get them to quote for multiple trips, where you might have a larger bridal party, or indeed where your “other half” also needs transport. It may work out cheaper than having to hire separate vehicles, assuming the distances make it practical. We have received quite a few bookings where the bride has added transport for the groom as a surprise gift! We just love rocking up and seeing their smiles when they just expected a taxi!!

Taking the thinking a little further out of the box, one bride has booked a wedding with us on a self drive basis for the weekend. This option enabled her to take the campervan for a long weekend. She arranged for her own driver, and also gained some “accommodation on wheels” as part of her festival themed day.

Finally, for those of you that like to take a gamble, there is always the option to go for a late booking. Many suppliers will negotiate on price if they have a car available in the two weeks leading up to the big day – and you chances of this will certainly increase if you are getting married mid week, or in the winter time.

If you are in the South East, and are looking for an economical way to travel in something packed with personality and style, check out our website, and perhaps we can add a little campervan magic to your day!

Nathalie – Buttercup Bus VW Campers