Today I have a fab guest post for all of you planning a wedding from the lovely Rebecca at . Amongst other things Chilli Sauce organise some fantastic hen and stag weekends … so defiantely worth checking out if you are stuck for ideas.
Rebecca contacted me with a fantastic idea for a post to discuss your ‘duties’ when being a Maid of Honour at a friends wedding. I think its a great read, not only for the maid but also the bride .. as many people have very conflicting ideas as to what these roles should or should not involve! ….

7 Steps To Becoming A Better Maid of Honour !

“Being asked to be a maid of honour is a sign of true friendship, but walking the line between friend, assistant and organiser can be tricky! That is why I have written this post for you, combining my event organising experience from but also my experience as a maid of honour for my sister.

In order to make it through the planning and ensure the hen party and the big day go as well as possible for your friend, follow these tips to becoming a better maid of honour. And always remember, true friendship is worth more than any unflattering bridesmaid dress.

1. Don’t steal the limelight

Let this be your mantra: it’s not your wedding. Be content to manage everything from behind the scenes, and you will be rewarded by the happiness you bring your friend. Let her take the credit; your turn will come.

2. Be honest (but not too honest)

As maid of honour, you are undoubtedly one of the bride’s most trusted friends. As such, while the bride is wrapped up in wedding plans, it falls to you to be the voice of reason. The dress she loves doesn’t flatter her? The table arrangements she HAS to have are tacky? Say so! However (and this is a very important however) always remember this is not your wedding. You have the best interests of your friend at heart, but pick your battles and be tactful.

3. Get away from it all

Planning a wedding is stressful. Take the bride away from it all, whether it’s just for a cup of coffee or a day at the spa and remind her that it’s only one day. As an outside party you can put things in perspective and allow her to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

4. Drinking

At a hen party, it’s almost mandatory to have a drink or two (or a lot). But as maid of honour you should try and stay sober whilst having fun. This way, you can keep the party organised and prevent any messy incidents. If everyone is moaning at you for being a spoilsport, ask the bartender for a drink that looks alcoholic but isn’t, like a virgin cocktail or plain tonic water with lemon.

5. Be prepared

Any number of disasters could happen to someone wearing a big white dress. Be prepared with stain remover, needle and thread, touch up make up and tissues, and you may just save the day!

6. The speech

You may want to tell everyone about the hilarious time the bride made a fool of herself, but save those stories for a more private occasion. Keep the speech short, simple and sweet – saying only nice things about the bride and the groom will reflect well on you, and prevent any drama that could derail the happy day.

7. Run interference

At the wedding, all the guests will want to congratulate the bride, but if she gets stuck talking to weird cousin Mabel for hours it may dampen her spirits slightly. Keep an eye on the bride and rescue her from any tricky situations. And make sure that she gets a chance to eat, drink and dance without interruptions – after all, you’ve both worked hard to make this happen!

I hope this has given you at least a tips to guide you through your maid of honour duties and best of luck!”