Ok so I admit it … I’m a little bit addicted to men in tweed suits! I am not one of those women that tell their other half what to wear. I do not offer my opinion unless specifically asked to pick between two shirts when we’re going out. However, I may have ever so slightly pushed my other half towards buying a tweed three piece suit. Oh yes I forgot to mention I also love a man in a waistcoat … and this was before it got all trendy again and Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs made it look bloody sexy!

So when I decided to create a Groom’s Fashion Inspiration board on Pinterest I inevitably found that a lot of my pins were inadvertently of tweed three pieces! https://www.pinterest.com/knotsandkisses/grooms-fashion/ . I also love Navy so this has also featured on my Pinterest board quite a bit. What doesn’t feature much, interestingly is the traditional black tux. Perhaps that’s because I’m a bit more laid back and don’t like men to look like they’ve tried too hard and perhaps it’s because I’m naturally drawn to laidback really personal feeling weddings. I also think it’s because I love an autumn wedding! So the tweed look is just perfect for this.

Any way here are some of favourite images from my Pinterest board … hop on over and follow to find more!

tweed jacket grooms outfit

Love the combination of tweed jacket and brown wool waistcoat from this shoot on the Love My Dress blog http://www.lovemydress.net/blog/2012/03/desire-decadence-and-decay-an-inspiration-shoot-for-brides-and-grooms.html 

tweed grooms suit and buttonhole

tweed check suit and burgundy tie from Rock My Wedding post http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/sam-rob/

navy suit and tweed waistcoat grooms fashion

Love the combination of traditional suit and tweed waistcoat from this wedding from Love My Dress http://www.lovemydress.net/blog/2018/01/handfasting-humanist-wedding-first-look.html

tweed three piece suit grooms fashion