I think lots of you these days are considering alternative options to traditional sit down wedding breakfasts for your main meal and also great alternatives to the traditional buffet fare for your evening receptions.
I think a few quirky tables or carts set up instead of an evening buffet can create a much more relaxed feeling for your evening guests … who can then ‘graze’ throughout the evening whenever they want to take a break from the dancefloor … rather than the usual (and in my opinion slightly cringy!) moment where the DJ declares the “buffet is now open!”. It also means your Day guests … who have probably had quite a lot of food by that point … don’t feel under pressure to go and fill there plates with food they may not be ready for!

Here are a few of my favourite ideas on how to keep your guests fed in the evening ( I may have a bit of a sweet tooth! But lots of these ideas can be adapted for savoury ideas as well … hot dogs or tacos especially!) …