Well it is Halloween this weekend so I was thinking what better time to look at black wedding dresses on the blog!

For some the idea of wearing a black wedding dress is a total no-no … and that’s fine. However I think if you are looking for something different, stand out and stunningly glamorous then there is nothing better than a full length black dress. Just think … very few people wear black to weddings anyway so you are as unlikely to clash with your guests as if you were wearing white, and the option of putting your bridesmaids in gorgeous floaty white or nude dresses as a contrast is hard to resist!

I also think that black dresses are stunning if you are planning a more city based or evening wedding.

Of course the main thing to be aware of with a black dress is that cheap black fabrics often look worse that something of the same quality in white or ivory – which is why the best black wedding dresses often come from the top designers … and the Queen of the black wedding dress in my humble opinion is Vera Wang! So I thought I’d share with you some of the amazing dresses from her collections. My favourite has to be the dress with the blush pink underskirt … just stunning!

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