I love to share with you some of the amazing finds I’ve found that could make your wedding special and so was delighted to come across Bang On Vintage! I love Vintage jewellery and accessories .. they are so often the inspiration for my wedding stationery … and Bang On Vintage is an online store with a fantastic bridal collection.

I asked Deborah to tell us a bit more about it …..

Bang On Vintage is an online store selling Vintage jewellery, handbags and accessories. The shop is designed to show anyone how to incorporate Vintage into their current wardrobe and along with the blog, Bangonstyle, I show how current trends can be worked using High street Fashion and Vintage pieces.

I keep a close eye on catwalk and current trends and no trend is bigger than Vintage themed Weddings! I created Bang On Bridal, to provide original Vintage pieces for someones most special day. I love the idea that jewellery is passed down through the family, I think jewellery should have a history to it and a story. All the pieces on Bang On Bridal have been fully cleaned and restored and are presented in stunning Vintage jewellery boxes that have been restored and reworked so they can be kept and treasured forever.

I love each and every piece that I sell and my most favourite items are my handcrafted Bridal hair accessories. Each one is made from genuine Vintage jewellery and every design is original and unique. The silver plated findings are decorated with jewellery such as brooches, or earrings and they are intertwined with diamante and pearl beads. Each comb is finished with lace on the reverse and they too come in an reworked vintage box/bag.